A good time to take a baby strolling

Preparing for the birth of the baby, from psychological parenting to the child’s belongings, furniture baby weaning, baby toys hang lead, particularly with the families of twins, the walk is even harder scarf, on each hand a little while then surely difficult for parents, consult double stroller Reviews to purchase a stroller for baby to walk regularly is essential.

Many first-time parents wondered when would be appropriate to take her out, after returning home from hospital. Indeed, only a few weeks old baby was able to walk with her mother.

Many people do not dare to infants out for fear of contamination in the air, do not have time, do not know how the baby care … However, walking is not only beneficial to the health of newborn babies that also very useful for your spirit.

1.When should the baby be out?

Just a few weeks after birth, you can give your baby out. Children of all ages need natural vitamins and enjoy the health benefits from the sun. Out is also a good way to deal with the early stages of jaundice.

Children out will change the air, instead of the baby in the house all day and wrapped in blankets, to make her become lifeless and less resistance than those who regularly taken out for a walk . Out with the natural and living environment to help children immersed in real life, and formed friendly personality, intimacy from her.

2.What is most important when the baby out?

It was beautiful weather, sunny. However, you make sure that a covered stroller and your mother is always in the shade, not exposed to direct sunlight. Stay away from crowded places, there are people cough, sneeze … or where space is polluted and dirty.

Choose environment such as parks, wooded park porters, not too crowded to avoid the baby being infected.

3.What to wear your baby in the first time out?

Make sure your baby’s attire is appropriate for the weather outside. You should wear your baby like the way you dress when out with your baby. If you need kid gloves and socks are also needed this stuff … the children’s body temperature gets hotter than an adult, so you just need to wear your finest young stars for you, do not think that you should wear many clothes for the baby so she does not have a cold, or cold. If you wrap your baby too streamlined, the baby will reduce the resistance

4.Should I take him out when it’s light wind?

Yes, instead of being bound in narrow ranges of the house, you can bring your baby to breathe fresh air, even if only a slight breeze. Just make sure that children are properly protected, especially in the hands and face, soles of the feet is easy to place the baby can be felt the most, and protect the skin where the most vulnerable to cracking.

  • You should just walk around with your baby safe neighborhood. You should learn the local park, shops, cafes and places nearby other mothers walking with children.
  • Always monitor weather reports before the little walk, never leave the mother and daughter you stick to showers.
  •  New mothers much surprise you, but then you will gradually recognize her temperament to find the right time for a walk. She may be just a 10-minute walk after breakfast or sunset also new is the most appropriate time.
  • Always take the necessary belongings when “packed” trolley. Bring everything that she needs like diapers, formula (if your baby formula), clothing hat reserve guard smeared baby … Can bring snacks for you, a book for you to read while sitting under the trees in the park.

Whether you are worried and confused with the first time out with the baby, then then this will also happen. And above all, if regular walking with the baby, you will have the opportunity to handle all the things that a mother experienced and resourceful will undergo. Do not worry about putting the baby out, which is the best way for your baby to adapt to nature, and the environment. Just you feel safe, it will go out with you and your baby.

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