Things You Need To Know When Using And Storing The Frying Pan


There is no doubt that to ensure a durable non-stick pan and safe to use, the users need to pay attention to their usage habits, better protects the surface layer of non-stick pans not to be peeling without reducing the life of the pan as well as being harmful to health when used. For the ceramic frying pan, the article will give some reference tips on using and preserving this device.

Use Non-Stick Pans Properly

Pour Oil Into Pan Before Heating

The routine of leaving the hot pan and then pour oil into the pan for frying is only suitable for aluminum pans and normal cast iron. When using a non-stick pan, housewives should note to put oil into the pan first and then set on fire. Otherwise, the temperature is too hot in the pan while pouring the oil will soak stick coating, toxic for users and reduce the life expectancy and quality of the frying pan.

Use Small Amounts Of Oil, Butter When Frying

The highlight effect of non-stick frying pan is to help the food not to stick to concave when using. To create a flavor to the dish, you need only use a small amount of this substance, both economical and good for the health and safety of the pan because the amount of grease will increase the temperature when using pans. Specially, with a non-stick pan, even you can not use oil or butter, animal fats when used.

Cook On Low Or Medium Temperature

On the market today, there are many types of non-stick frying pan with Teflon, ceramic, marble pattern, diamond. Depending on the quality of the stick coating that the frying pan can withstand different temperatures.

You should note that the high-temperature release agent will begin to decompose and cause harm to health. Therefore, depending on the material and quality of non-stick pan that you use to note the temperature to the reasonable adjustment. In addition, use at medium and low temperatures will best guarantee for the life of non-stick pans.

Do Not Use Pans For Baking

Despite effective stick coating, if using non-stick pan to bake the food, the non-stick coating will be quickly damaged and peeling due to the high temperatures.

Do Not Add Salt And Sauce Directly While Using Pan

The habit of frying and seasoning in a pan to save time and do all the flavor of the dish homemaker should not be applied for a non-stick pan. This will make the pan-prone surface pitting, damage the non-stick coating and reduce life expectancy.

Use Wooden Cooking Utensils For NonStick Pans

The cooking utensils such as spoons will not scratch the surface of the pan as the instruments of aluminum and stainless steel. As for the plastic utensils would not be safe when used under high temperatures. So, choose wood cookware with non-stick pan.

Hygiene And Preserve Safe Non-Stick Pan

Hygiene The Non-Stick Frying Pan

Once purchased, you should wash non-stick pan over 1-2 times with dishwater, then apply a layer of coffee to the pan and reheat. Such pans will be washed safely without unpleasant odor. If you can manipulate such maintenance after 10-12 uses, it will help the frying pan to prevent sticking and washing easier. Besides, use soft cleaning pads so as not to scratch the surface of the frying pan. After using, cool it down and wash the pan immediately to keep the reliability of the pan.

Preservation Non-Stick Pan

Please hang the non-stick after use and limit to overlap another pan without scratching the pan. Otherwise, it may cause the smashed pan. The smashed pan will make cooking oil and heat dispersion, which is not in use, affecting reliability.

Note When Buying Small Non-Stick Pan

The Non-stick pan is usually made of cast from aluminum, steel or cast iron and then coated with a safe non-stick surface, normally theTeflon or Ceramic, which has been tested for safety and completely non-toxic, heat resistant and quite easy to clean.

In some poor-quality pans of unknown origin, the pan will be quickly and easily peeling after a short time of use due to the temperature. Therefore, when buying non-stick pan, you should find out and choose to buy quality goods at the prestigious address in order to ensure reliability and safety of non-stick pan.