How To Buy And Use The Meat Slicer Properly


It is believed that the meat slicers are used increasingly popular thanks to the superior features that it brings. On the market today, there are many types of meat slicers with capacity and various prices. To get more info about the meat slicer reviews, here are the standards you have to know to choose the best meat slicers. When buying meat slicers, you should select the machines, which are genuine, high-quality and meet the safety standards of Europe.

When buying the meat slicer, you have to consider the factors as below:


Meat cutting machines sold in the current market has mainly originated from China and France. You should carefully explore clear origin before buying the product.


There are many meat slicers sizes today, hence the need to consider purchasing meat slicers to fit kitchens or requirements of your use.


The meat slicers used less than other motors depends on the capacity and number of blades. The power levels range from 160W to 2000W, 1 to 3 cutting heads, which will directly affect the speed to slice the meat.

The blade

Blades are tasked to grinder chopped meat from the tube and are the important parts of a meat slicer, which decides 30% of the cost of the machine. A good blade must be made of stainless materials, with high resistance to abrasion.

The Meat Slicers Hygiene

This is another thing to consider when buying a meat slicer. Due to the direct exposure machine and required meat thoroughly hygiene, so you need to consider whether the removable task is easy or not. Some meat slicers have complex structures and easy to confound you in times of need cleaning.

Thus, depending on the needs and preferences, you should buy meat slicers to cooking to be more fresh and sanitary. When buying meat slicers, you should select the machines, which are genuine, high-quality to meet the safety standards of Europe. You can refer to the product info on the prestigious website to choose for themselves the best product.


The meat slicers will be various and different in terms of factors such as pricing; however, the extent and scope of slicer’s category are quite broad. When deciding to buy electric meat slicers, you should consider the option status, blade size, capacity and safety features.


In addition to meat slicers, some machines can slice food items in large quantities over. For example, professional meat slicers can be used to move the cheese and vegetables throughout the day, while the inexpensive machines can only handle one or two hours per day.

Also, some machines will allow you to slice a lot of types of meat with different thickness, whereas many machines only allow you to slice meat only.


Most meat slicers are safety features. However, the consumers need to pay attention to the safety of the individual parts such as leg-slip and electrical safety switches.

When using the meat slicers, there are a plethora of dos and don’ts. Below will be your reference.


  • Always wear protective gloves when using meat slicers
  • Make sure slicers are in safe mode.
  • Plug the meat slicers and adjust the blade to the desired thickness by turning the black knob located on the front of the machine.
  • Use the weight to put pressure on the product that is being sliced
  • Adjust the crossover plate to help hold products in place, running the length of sheet product
  • Start to move the product at a time by moving around the volume of products. The first few slices should be checked properly whether the thickness is as desired or not.
  • You can select automatic mode to use when slicing.
  • After you have experience with meat slicers and automatic functions of the machine, you can adjust the speed faster.
  • When the machine is turned off and unplug the power cord, it must be cleaned with soap or cleaning the machine with water rinse sanitizer.
  • Be careful when cleaning to avoid injury


  • Never use your hands to put pressure on the product to be sliced, using alternative treatment weight.
  • Never start with the automatic configuration, or on speed.
  • Never use your hands to prevent the cutting when in automatic mode, press / stop instead of putting the machine stops
  • Never clean the machine while the machine is unplugged.