Top Of The Useful Tips To Use The Milk Frother Effectively


There is no doubt when saying that the milk frother is highly used by a lot of households in these days. Why the device is so popular and how to use it effectively seem to be the most concerned problem of a lot of consumers now. In order to help the users to deeply understand about the operating mechanism as well as the device preservation, the author are glad to review about the Kahchan EP2178, the best milk frother on the market nowadays.

The Benefits Of Using The EP2178 Kahchan Milk Frother Machine

Milk foaming machine EP 2178 is one versatile product which is considered to be much more suitable for the most users currently. The device is made with the compact and smart design which suits those people who have busy work and love natural drinks with some substances such as coffee cappuccino, custard, coffee, eggs, hot cocoa milk, and milk tea. It is reviewed that based on using the 2178 EP Kahchan machine, the consumer can be able to save a lot of time for processing as well as save the money instead of going to the restaurant. In addition, this device is the great option in order to help mother to warm milk for the baby. EP2178 Kahchan milk frother extremely is suitable for pregnant and postpartum women.

For The Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often show signs of appetite and fatigue. On this stage, supply the of dairy fruit drinks such as grapes milk, milk orange, and pear milk is essential. It is said that the recipes to forther the milk is extremely simple: combine the 100ml milk with 1 tablespoon sugar,  2 tablespoons flour + fruit (grape fruit powder, orange …, or fruit juice) into milk machines Kahchan EP 2178. After that, press the starting button to operate the device for creating the tasty cup of soft drink. Also pregnant women can also add more nutrients from milk 1 cup of hot cocoa with a simple formula as well as: the 100ml milk + 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon powdered milk cacao (raw cacao powder use ).

 For Postpartum Women

The additional nutrients for the body to get primary health and create a full line of human milk for infant nutrition are essential. As a result, daily, mothers should complement a cup delicious milk with the full of nutrients. Kahchan EP2718 not only a companion to the mother in terms of proving the nutrition, but it also helps mothers to prepare milk for their baby. It is said that the combination of milk and fruit powder will produce the perfect formula which is variable as well as rich in flavor.

Note When Mixing And Heating Milk For The Baby:

  • Only within one minute, the machine will create smooth foam as well as enhance the delicious taste for milk.
  • Keep the temperature at 65 degrees so as to ensure the high nutrients in milk, eggs and other drinks.
  • Milk and eggs should be beaten up at a temperature of 65 degrees in order to create the attractive aroma and nutrients.

Kahchan milk frothed is considered as one of the smart choice for your family. It is reviewed that the machine is designed with three modes and the operation is quite simple.

Warming And Emulsifying:

Press the button once and then frother the milk at the temperature 65 degrees. After completing, the machine will automatically disconnect power.

Heat Milk:

Continuous press the button twice.

Mark Dairy Calming / Cold:

  • Press the button repeatedly 3 times, after 90 seconds to complete the type of milk, the machine automatically disconnect power.
  • Automatically foaming: creating effective foam fine match for you can easily create image making gorgeous cappuccino coffee cup

The Outstanding Features Of The Device

  • The blue silicon button can be able to operate automatically as well as it enables to change the color based on the operating mode of the machine.
  • The design of the soles and body is separate, which can help the users to rotate 360 degrees. This structure is convenient to use and preserve.
  • The clear plastic cap can help users easily view and understand more about the process of foaming.