Advantage and disadvantage of remote control


Remote controller is a component of an electronic device, usually a car, record player, air conditioning, fan … and used to control them from a short distance without wires. The remote control has continually developed and upgraded in recent years and now includes Bluetooth connectivity, motion sensing and control functions by voice.

Remote controls use infrared often help users major equipment ordered through some buttons to change various settings. In fact, all the functions of most of today’s electronic devices can be adjusted via best remote start, while the buttons on the main device only has a handful of essential primary node.

Most of the remote control to communicate with your device through infrared signals and a few that use radio waves. Normally the signal from the remote control are encrypted and require major equipment must be of a product line or a specific brand. But there are also multi-functional remote control can work with most devices with popular brands.


The main technology used in household remote control is infrared (IR). These pulses of infrared light invisible to the human eye and can be seen with digital cameras or camcorders. The player’s remote control is usually an LED (light emitting diode).


The remote control is widely used in the consumer electronics industry and recreation. Most electronic devices such as televisions, CD players, air conditioners, fans … are remote comes. Recently handles electronic games are also wireless technology applications. They use radio waves instead of infrared, because of always pointing them to the main device while playing is very unrealistic. Apart from the need to replace batteries frequently and sometimes cause signal delays, wireless controllers offer several advantages and other usability. Product Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii uses Bluetooth wave, while the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One uses signaling protocol itself.

The types of remote control

The types of ports or doors are often remote, and application type code change is to increase the safety.

In the military, this is a very important device used to disable the electronic system of the opponent. The remote control can be used to control the military vehicles (aircraft, tanks, submarines …) unmanned or explosive devices.

Since the remote control uses infrared light, there should be a space no light barrier between it and the main unit. However, signal mirror can reflect light like those other.

In the case of opaque material, for example when the device is in another room or in a cabinet, a user can use signal amplifiers. This device consists of two parts, the first to receive infrared signals and transfer the form to the 2nd radio, from where it is converted into infrared signals just like the original remote control.

The infrared receiver of the device also has limitations on the angle signal, usually depends on the optical properties of the emitting transistors. However, the angle can increase reception by using a slightly opaque glass panels placed in front of the receiving end.

Some other types of remote control using radio waves instead of infrared. We are opening the application, port, road barriers, burglar alarm system, car keys, motorcycles, toys and automation systems industry. This type of controller can be operated from a distance but sometimes-nearby interference if there is a similar device operating on the same frequency.

Using remote control

Remote controls born to make users more convenient, however many people to touch or take it and take a long time to find it instead of going to the main devices and controls used there.

Advantage of remote control

With a remote control, it is compact to bring along with people. On the other hand, it is useful for the sick or disabled. It helps people move freely slide and interacts with the audience easily.


It is easily lost or missing. It is often used battery and replace the battery periodically request. Besides, it is limited and distance and angle when using.

Usually hard to clean and easy to become a means of infection.

Become so popular that many key buttons on the device are omitted, and many functions will not be used again if the remote control is broken, lost or out of battery.